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Smart Solar Table BenchSmart Solar Table Bench Is a Portable Smart Furniture , Inbuilt The High Technology Into a Normal Bench. It’s Portable ,Fashion,Leisure And Entertainment Furniture . Most Using For The School,University,Park , Road ,Plaza , Person Yak Etc. This Smart Bench Cover With Solar Energy Power, And Save The Sun Energy Into Battery To Support To Device Power Output . More Details Please Check Out The Spec And Photos .

Smart Solar Table Bench Spec :

1. Power Support : Mono Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel 60w/18v

2. Power Capacity : 55ah/12v Li-Tum Battery

3. Power Out Put : 3.0 Usb 2.1a/5v *4pcs ; Wireless Charging 10w *2pcs ; 4g Wi-Fi Router 150mbps10-25meter; Speaker 1pcs Bluetooth 1pcs


Product’s Size :1600*450*500 Cm

Product’s Material : Frp ,Galvanized Sheet For Feet

Product’s Advantage :

Waterproof ,Portable ,New Technology With Good Service After Sale, Easy Installation .

Product’s Disadvantage : Not Removable

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