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    Cooling Module

    Product configuration list Cooling module selection is Spray fan module .

    IoT Module

    Product configuration list Iot module selection is Iot Module .

    AD Module

    Product configuration list AD module selection is AD block module, Light box advertising module module and Print advertising module .

    Power Supply

    Product configuration list Power supply selection is Solar power module and Municipal power supply module

    The Charging

    Product configuration list The charging selection is Wireless charging module and USB charging module

    Smart Solar Home System

    ★Specifications Inbuilt Gel-Battery ,inverter and solar charger controller DC Output: DC 12V 6 ports USB 5V 4 ports. AC Output :AC110-265V 3 ps DC Input : DC 18V-36V AC Input : AC110-265V ★Smart...

    Smart Solar Lighting PayGo System

    Description Smart Solar Lighting PayGo System is a system that designed for users to pay for the prepayment or installment of this solar DC system. There are two forms of payment system, which can...

    Single Phase Grid-Tied Solar Inverter

    1. Description Single phase inverter is a new generation of PV string inverter which have been developed by PANASUN for residential users. MG series inverters have the advantages of compact size,...

    Three Phase Grid-Tied Solar Inverter

    1. Description Three-phase grid-tied solar inverters adopt the latest technologies combination of T topology three level topology and SVPWM,provide flexible system configuration and monitoring...

    Hybrid Solar Inverter

    1. Description Hybrid inverter Series is a new generation of photostatic storage products which were developed by PANASUN based on the intelligent and free maintenance concept. This series...

    Micro Solar Inverter

    Description 1. Built-in high-precision automatic power point tracking Powerful MPPT algorithm to optimize power harvesting from solar panels, accurately captures and locks in maximum output power...

    High Efficiency Solar Panel

    PV Solar Panel PV Solar Panel have two type of, Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar panel. The specification as below Specification