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Let The Solar Bench Recharge Your Cell Phone.
Jun 01, 2018

On the way, the cell phone is out of power? If you don't have a charger, you may want to sneak into a café and borrow a store socket.

However, in some cities, you can find a Soofa bench to charge for your mobile phone for free. The Soofa bench is not much different from a regular bench, but it has a solar panel in the middle that looks like the dining table of a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. In 2014, engineers at the MIT Media Lab (Mitmedialab) first disclosed the ticket of a futuristic bench.

Now, this group of engineers set up their own company changing environments, and these benches became a reality. The Soofa bench can accommodate up to two cell phones, tablets or other devices at the same time. It stores the remaining energy, so it can provide power even at night.