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Advantages Of Complete Grid-tied Solar System
Jun 01, 2018

(1) The use of clean, renewable natural energy solar power generation, do not consume non-renewable, limited resources of carbon-containing fossil energy, the use of no greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions, and ecological environment in harmony with the sustainable development of economic and social strategies.

(2) Power generation can be fed into the power grid, the power grid for energy storage devices, save batteries, than independent solar photovoltaic system construction investment can be reduced to 35% 45%, so that the cost of electricity generation is greatly reduced.

The storage battery avoids two times pollution of the battery, and can improve the average time of failure of the system.

(3) PV module and the perfect combination of buildings, both power generation can be used as building materials and decorative materials, so that the full use of material resources to play a variety of functions, not only conducive to reducing the construction costs, but also to improve the building technology content, increase the "selling point".

(4) Distributed construction, local decentralized distribution of power supply, access and exit power grid flexible, not only conducive to strengthening the power system to withstand war and disaster capacity, but also conducive to improving the power system load balance, and reduce line loss.

(5) Can play the role of peak shaving. Networked solar photovoltaic system is the world's most developed countries in the field of photovoltaic applications, the focus of development, is the world's main trend of solar photovoltaic power generation, the market is huge, the prospect is broad.