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Solar power generation System Policy support
Jun 01, 2018

The Ministry of Finance has earmarked renewable energy tariff supplementary subsidy solar power subsidy over 2.4 billion yuan, wind power generation 9.314 billion yuan, the total of 63%, biomass power generation of 3.055 billion yuan, solar power 2.433 billion yuan, other renewable energy 9 million yuan. From 2012 to present, the Ministry of Finance has released four batches of renewable energy tariff supplementary funds list, including 1704 power generation projects, 412 power generation network projects. In the supplementary grant of this provision, the top five areas of solar subsidy are Qinghai (1.493 billion yuan), Jiangsu (325 million Yuan), Ningxia (234 million yuan), Tibet (156 million yuan) and Gansu (88.3 million yuan) Ministry of Finance request, the above funds should be paid to provincial grid enterprises in time,

Local independent power grid enterprises, and specifically for the acquisition of the current level of power grid coverage included in the announced four batches of renewable energy tariff supplementary funds in the list of renewable energy power Generation network and other related expenditures. On November 26, 2013, the National Energy Bureau released the "Interim measures for the regulation of photovoltaic power generation operation", which stipulates that the power grid enterprises should fully acquire the grid-connected PV power station project and the net electricity of the distributed photovoltaic power generation project in full power grid coverage. It is clear that the competent departments of energy and their agencies should bear the responsibility for PV grid-connected operation, and the responsibilities of PV power generation project operators and grid enterprises, so as to promote grid-connected and orderly PV power generation.