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Solar power development Potential
Jun 01, 2018

In solar power systems, the most complex components of technology should be solar cells.

It can be said that solar cell is the core of solar power generation system, its development, production directly affects the popularization and development of solar power generation.

The main principle of solar cells is that by using semiconductor materials, the thin n-type semiconductor is placed on the thicker P-type semiconductor, when the photon hits the surface of the device, the P-type and N-type semiconductor junctions have electron diffusion to generate the current, which can be used by the metal conductor at the upper and lower ends. The types of solar cells according to the different materials used, solar cells can be divided into: 1, silicon solar cells, 2, with inorganic salts such as gallium arsenide ⅲ-v compound, cadmium sulfide, copper indium selenium and other multicomponent compounds as the material of the battery, 3, functional polymer materials prepared solar cells, 4, nanocrystalline solar cells.