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Research direction of solar energy
Jun 01, 2018

Solar power is not expensive. The cost of solar power will be further reduced as technology progresses, if the country is to act decisively and introduce industrial policies that encourage the development of green energy.

His remark aroused the reporter's curiosity, the reporter interviewed many experts, asked them to discuss together: what to do, in order to make solar power as far as possible for the benefit of mankind and the environment. Industrial applications to eliminate research and development costs, the Chinese Academy of Electrical Engineers Ma Shenghong said, a new technology, at different stages of development, there are different application needs. Compared with other renewable energy generation technologies, PV has prominent technical and economic advantages in solving the dispersed villages and rural herdsmen power supply in remote areas, and will play a major role in solving the power supply of 30 million of China away from the grid. In some special fields, photovoltaic power generation has been rapidly rising, in space power supply, communication machine Station unattended power supply, Pipeline cathodic protection, military field power, toys, watches, streetlights, garden lights and the rise of environmental protection in many fields, has shown a "comparative advantage." Industry applications can eliminate a lot of research costs, and thus promote the depth of technical research, to find more appropriate materials and reduce costs of the solution.