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General Introduction of Solar Water Pump System Training Course
Aug 03, 2018


Part I --Overview

Part Two --System introduction and System Selection

2.1 System Application Introduction

2.2 PV Water pump system Advantage

2.3 Solar Pump selection

2.4 PV Pumping Inverter Selection

2.5 Selection of auxiliary Equipment

2.6 Solar panel selection

2.7 Battery Plate Bracket selection (polycrystalline/single crystal)

Third part PV-- Pump system Installation

3.1 Peripheral Equipment connection schematic

3.2 Pump installation

3.3 Solar cell Array installation

3.4 PV Pump System Installation Note

Part PV ---pumping Inverter Description

4.1 Model Description

4.2 Debugging Guide

4.3 Main function parameters set table

Part five ---Fault diagnosis and Countermeasures

5.1 Failure alarm and Countermeasures

5.2 Common faults and their handling methods


The First Part Outline

Solar water pump is also known as photovoltaic pump, mainly by the crystalline silicon module PV pumping inverter and water pump composition.  The specific application, then according to different head and daily water demand with the corresponding power of the solar array, collectively referred to as photovoltaic pumping system. Photovoltaic water pump use from the sun's lasting energy, sunrise, sunset and rest, no personnel care, no need for diesel, no power grid, can be with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, irrigation facilities, such as supporting the application of water-saving, energy saving, can significantly reduce the use of fossil energy power investment costs. The lack of effective water resources has become one of the severe tests facing the world today, especially in some arid regions and countries and regions with underdeveloped economies. Sunshine, air and water are the basis of nature's life and reproduction, but the sun and water are a pair of natural contradictions, often in the period and region of abundant sunshine resources, surface water and its lack. Along with the teachings of the ancients of China, we found the PV pump water system, using sunlight to extract two times distributed water resources. The cost of solar panels has been reduced, the whole system price drop, so that the privatization of photovoltaic become more realistic. is a global "food problem", "Energy problem" integrated system solutions for new energy, technology applications.