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General Introduction of Solar Water Pump System Training Course Four
Aug 15, 2018

Part IV      Description of Photovoltaic Inverter                                                               

 Based on the core control algorithm of the SPI control inverter and the application control requirements of the photovoltaic pump, the SPI200 photovoltaic inverter is developed, which is specially designed for outdoor photovoltaic power supply. It has control and protection functions such as maximum power tracking, light weak dormancy, light intensity wake-up, high water level dormancy, underload warning, remote communication monitoring and so on.                                                                        4.1 Model description                                                                                                      The models on the product brand are represented by numbers, symbols and alphabetical combinations of their series, applicable to power supply types, power levels, and so on.


4.1.1 Three-phase 380V output Product Model and its Technical parameters


4.1.2 selection table


4.2 Debug guidance                                                                                                      

4.2.1 debugging of photovoltaic cells                                                                     

Install system wiring diagram wiring, and check if the wiring is correct, Q1 closed.


4.2.2 wiring diagrams for power supply of power grids or generators


The Q 1 switch is disconnected, and then the Q 2 is closed, consistent with the image above.

When switching to photovoltaic power supply, only Q 2 off Q1 closed, terminal DI2 disconnected.

Note: When the bus input is not equipped with diode protection, it is forbidden to close the photovoltaic panel switch Q1 and the grid input switch Q2 at the same time, otherwise the battery panel will be damaged.                                                                          

 4.3 main function parameter settings table                                                     

   P0.01 group: run command channel selection                                                                    

P0.01 = 0 (Keyboard run) P0.01K1 (Auto-run) P0.01K2 (Communication run, accessible to PLC HMI and other communication modules)                                          

P0.14: 0-3600S acceleration time (general default)                                                        

P5.01 run when DI1 and COM are short-connected

P5.02 Water full Protection Startup system is dormant during short connection between DI2 and COM

P5.03 Water dry Protection Startup system stops working during short connection between DI3 and COM

P6.05 / 06 Relay output selection (Special needs only)

P11.27.34 (when the sensor is an analog signal)

P13.06.07 (inverter detected off load)

P13.19 (output missing protection)