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General Introduction of Solar Water Pump System Training Course three
Aug 15, 2018

3.1 Peripheral equipment connection schematic


p+: Crystalline silicon Module output + Cascade connection Inverter p+                         P-: Crystal Silicon Module output-Cascade connection Inverter P-                            U,V,W: The u,v,w of the pump

3.2 Pump InstallationThe use of ground-mounted pumps, should be reasonable choice of installation location, build a solid foundation, the allocation of water and yang Plumbing, and according to the pump protection level, determine whether the need to build pump room. When the pump is pumped from deep well, the drilling and cleaning according to the requirements, the vertical degree of the wellbore conforms to the requirement, the hole diameter must be greater than the minimum size required by the pump. The pump installation depth meets the following requirements: Below the dynamic water level at least 1 meters, higher than the well pipe intake filter hole, at least 5 meters from the bottom. When pumping water from other sources, we should ensure the installation is stable and avoid the transverse force of the pump.

3.3 Solar cell Array installationDo a full investigation, including sunshine conditions, meteorological conditions, environmental conditions (shading barriers, salt damage, public hazards, natural disasters and bird droppings, etc.) and installation conditions (topography, foundation bearing capacity, etc.). In order to prevent sediment splashing and small animal damage, installation height from the ground about 1 meters. The azimuth angle of the solar array is selected in the northern hemisphere in the north direction, and in the southern hemisphere. You can use the compass and consider the local deviations to determine the azimuth angle. The tilt angle of solar array, high-power system general design fixed installation method, tilt angle and local latitude to maintain the ideal, also can give priority to the largest water demand season, select the best tilt angle. Solar array of stents should be made of steel or aluminum alloy materials, its strength can withstand the blow of the 10-magnitude gale. The metal surface should be galvanized, aluminized or coated with antirust paint to prevent rust corrosion. Service life: Steel + surface Paint: 5-10 years, then paint. Steel + Hot Dip galvanizing: 20-30 years. Stainless Steel: More than 30 years. The connecting parts are made of electroplating steel or stainless steel material.

3.4 PV Pump System installation NoteIn order to ensure a good convection cooling effect, the water lifting controller must be installed vertically and at least 10 centimeters of space at the upper and lower sides. It is strictly prohibited to install in the direct sunlight, otherwise it will frequently cause overheating protection, resulting in the interruption of the operation. Deep well fixed submersible pump need to use steel wire rope and card buckle fixed hanging into the shaft, wellhead need to add submersible pump stent fixed. Head 80 meters within the recommended use of PVC hose or iron pipe, the use of PVC water pipes, connecting curved, straight through the use of special glue to connect, but need to wait until 15 minutes after the glue dry solid into the water. Head 80 meters above the recommendations of the use of iron pipe, the use of iron pipe when the need for power wire, connecting curved, straight-through when the need to add water duct tape, the connection pipe needs to be tightened with the pipe clamp. Submersible pump and PV pumping inverter and battery assembly distance as far as possible within 100 meters, such as more than 100 meters recommended to increase output reactor. Please confirm the water pump diameter, and then contact the water supplier to purchase the relative size of the water pipe.